Chakra Crystal Bracelet

    $ 7.99
    • Chakra Crystal Bracelet

    Chakra Crystal Bracelet

      $ 7.99
      • This 7 Crystal Chakra bracelet fits most and is made with elastic cord so it can stretch and adjust to any size wrist.


        This bracelet features Lava Stone, Red Agate, Lazurite, Amethyst, Turquoise Stone, Tiger Eye, Green King Stone, and Amber to represent the 7 chakras.

        Red Agate - Regulates Root Chakra, Cleanses aura, Eases stress and anxiety

        Amber - Regulates Sacral Chakra, Increases recovery time, Protects against negative energies

        Tiger's Eye - Regulates Solar Plexus Chakra, Heightens courage, Increases integrity 

        Green King Stone - Regulates Heart Chakra, Purifies and strengthens the mind

        Turquoise - Regulates Throat Chakra, Repairs spiritual injury, Promotes communication

        Lazurite - Regulates Third Eye Chakra, Increases awareness, Blocks negative energies 

        Amethyst - Regulates Crown Chakra, Enhances intuition and psychic powers, Aids lucid dreaming 

        Lava stone - Protective stone, cleanses aura